Colorcoat® by Tata Steel

Colorcoat® has been manufacturing pre-finished steel products for 60 years and they are comprehensively tested and manufactured to the highest European standards.

Extensively used for roofs and walls, applications include industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, schools, retail and leisure and residential applications. Vertix™ Systems can offer both Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® options which are made in the UK and fully REACH compliant and free of chromates.

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

Designed to withstand even the most demanding and aggressive environments, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel provides super durability and corrosion resistance. It features a Scintilla® emboss and exceeds the requirements of Ruv4 as per EN 10169:2022, providing excellent colour retention.

Available from Vertix™ Systems in Anthracite Matt, with other colours available on request.

Colorcoat Prisma®

Utilises cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create a chrome free pre-finished steel product with enhanced aesthetics and long term performance and durability. All colours surpass requirements of Ruv5 as per EN 10169:2022, providing outstanding colour retention.

Available from Vertix™ Systems in Standard Gloss Anthracite, with other colours available on request. Download Colorcoat Prisma® colour card


Colorcoat, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and Colorcoat Prisma are trademarks of Tata Steel UK Limited


TATA Steel Colorcoat pre-finished steel

SSAB GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® pre-finished steels are the sustainable solution for durable roofs, facades and rainwater systems. Colours and appearance are inspired by Nordic nature and products are optimised for weathering.  Vertix™ Systems can offer GreenCoat® Pural BT.

GreenCoat® Pural BT

Uses a patented bio-based coating with Swedish rapeseed oil to help substantially lower the environmental footprint of a building and is chromate free. GreenCoat® Pural BT has been developed specifically for standing seam systems and offers excellent durability, UV resistance (Ruv5 for matts) and a slightly structured surface.

Available from Vertix™ Systems in Matts: Slate Grey and Stone Grey and Standard Gloss: Juniper Green, Ridge Grey and Light Grey (GWG). Download GreenCoat®  colour card.


GreenCoat and Pural are trademarks of the SSAB group of companies


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