Taking inspiration from centuries old copper standing seam roofs, Vertix™ Systems has developed a contemporary, robust and cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing materials like slate and tiles.

Vertix EasySeam™ Roof System is a pre-finished steel standing seam, available in a range of profile options to suit aesthetic and wind loading requirements and a number of different pre-finished steel finishes and colours, including matts.  It’s the ideal choice for new and refurbishment projects and suited to a wide range of building applications including residential, commercial, education, healthcare and leisure.

Available as a complete system that includes breather membrane, flashings, fixings, sealant and gutters, Vertix EasySeam™ Roof System ensures you get the very best aesthetics and quality for your whole roof.  

Quick and easy to install and worry free during its service life,  Vertix EasySeam™ Roof System is backed by an independent performance certification and market leading warranties.

And with over 15 years’ metal standing seam experience, The Vertix™ Systems team provides comprehensive technical support and a personalised service that gives you choice and flexibility. 

EasySeam residential project

Why choose Vertix™ Systems?

  • Experienced team that understands metal standing seams and can offer outstanding technical support.
  • Customer choice in terms of pre-finished steel and colour options.
  • Quick and responsive service that is flexible to customer needs; delivery to site or customer pickup options, phased deliveries as required by the installer.
  • Full system of parts for roof that together deliver excellent aesthetics and quality.
  • Free Bill of Materials (BOM) that identifies every part required for a given roof size and pitch, simplifying order process.
  • Bespoke roofing system which is manufactured to BSEN14783.
  • Produced in the UK for an efficient carbon footprint.
  • Part of the Resource family of construction businesses which includes Isoclad, SIP Building Systems, SIPCO and Eurobond Doors.